Prayer Support

12-24 / #5563

People Want to Help You

“Paul was supported on his mission trips by others.” Romans 15:20-24

In preparation for your trip, you may need to raise funds and garner support from others so they can pray and spread the word of your mission trip fund-raising goals to others for you. Both forms of support are crucial and will play a vital part in getting you to your destination!

Spiritual Support

Take all the support you can get!

Sometimes relatives, friends and colleagues are unable to assist financially but they would still like to help. They can do this by praying for you and encouraging you, as well, by sharing your goal with others via their own personal networks. Prayer and counsel are just as important as financial support. So, reach out and ask!

Here are some things to specifically ask them to pray for:

  • your trip prep
  • your team
  • your immediate family
  • safe travel
  • health
  • your experience abroad
  • financial resources